First class service for tenants

As a tenant renting through Sarah Faulkner Lettings and Management you can expect a first class service.

We promise to always:

  • Call back within 4 hours – Designed to remove your frustrations
  • Listen to your concerns and try to find an acceptable resolution – So you feel supported.
  • Not charge you unnecessarily – We don’t charge to renew your tenancy – Just because we value good tenants.
  • We always state our fees so you know where you stand – This gives you more control over your money.
  • Treat you as an individual – Because we respect you.
  • Keep you informed as soon as possible – So you know what is happening.
  • If we do not manage the property ourselves we will formally introduce you to your landlord so you always know who you are dealing with – This is because we don’t offer a faceless service.

In return we expect:

  • You to always be honest and open with us – Just as we are with you.
  • Treat the property as if it was your own – Helps to keep you property in good condition. ¬†We accept accidents happen its part of living.
  • Pay your rent on time and in full – That’s the deal.
  • Report repairs as soon as is practically possible within office hours unless it is an emergency – To protect your home and give us time to arrange the repairs.

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