Selling your home – 4 simple steps to seduce your buyers

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How to seduce buyersSelling your home – 4 Simple steps to seduce your buyers from the outside in.

Thinking of selling your home.  It’s all about whipping up a storm and delighting your buyers as soon as they pull up at your property.  You only get one chance to tickle their taste buds with a great first impression.  So how do you do you do it?  The plan is to seduce your buyers even before they step into your hallway.

Here’s to selling you home in four simple steps.

#entice passers by

You have focused all your time on getting the inside ready for viewings. This is great.  But please don’t forget about the outside.

Give your outside a spring clean.  Remove fallen leaves. Clean those mucky windows. Weed the borders and jet wash the pathway.

The journey to the front door should be inviting and tantalising sending your viewers senses into a spin.

Make sure you trim and shape your hedges. If there is a gate is it in good order?   The walk to your front door should create intrigue with feelings of a desperate need to view this home.  They will hardly be able to hold themselves back from rushing through your front door.

Your buyers will be taking in the smells, colours and sounds whilst trying to imagine what the inside might be like.

#Luscious bushes

Give instant colour to your garden by introducing planters and hanging baskets. Add a little elegance and sophistication to your front by adding ever green trees or shrubs. They look heavenly and give colour all year round.  Go for the same either side of your front door symmetry always works well.  It gives the impression of a well organised and modern look.

Don’t grapple with your £’s a good way to spend your money wisely, is to plant in containers.  Planting in pots means you can take them with you when you leave.  If you don’t have the space for pots opt for hanging baskets.  Fill them with healthy looking plants and don’t forget to water them. Mow the lawns and define the borders.  This shows the buyer that you care about your home and sets the expectation high for an internal inspection.

#Creating a spellbinding entrance

Ensure the number or name is clearly visible because there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find the property.  Wooden, upvc or composite the material of your front door really doesn’t matter.  Make how it looks the most important thing.  Clean it, paint it and or update the door furniture if needed. If you don’t have a name or number, then get one.  This is an easy and inexpensive way to make your front door look new and welcoming.

#Delight your buyers

Sprinkle a dusting of magic by adding some external lighting to your home.  It adds a touch of sparkle to your frontage.  It highlights the best parts and welcomes your visitors.  You can use solar lights in your bushes or either side of the path to show you the way.  Uplighter’s showcase your home spectacularly.  Lighting in the porch can be turned on if it’s a grey day.

Selling your home and moving can be an expensive time but don’t under estimate the effects the pre-sale preparation has on how fast you sell your home and the final price you achieve compared to if you didn’t do it.

If you follow these simple steps you will be on the right track to seduce your buyers before they even step inside your home.  Let me know if you have any other ideas that you would like to add to this post.