Our Fees

Being open and honest about what you are charging for helps to build trust and maintain relationships.  We do many things for free but we are a business and do need to charge for the services that we offer.  We charge a good price for the work that we do.

If you are looking for someone to be dodgy then we are not the company for you.  We only work with great tenants, the best landlords and beautiful homes. So if you want that then please get in touch we would love to help you find a great tenant for your beautiful home.

Letting a property takes a special kind of person, one who wants to make a difference in peoples lives.  We need to work within the 145  laws protecting both the landlord and the tenant whilst balancing the cost of providing a home for your tenant and an income for you.

Don’t underestimate the amount of work it takes to make it look easy.

Standard Fees

  • There are no tenant fees in relation to the tenancy
  • Deposit is equivalent to 5 weeks rent.
  • Replacement keys £60 including VAT

Standard Fees

  • Tenant Find Fee. – £540 including VAT
  • Management Only Fee – 12% including VAT of the rent charged

Standard Fees

  • Tenant find fee of £330 including VAT
  • Management fee 12% including VAT
  • Inventory Fees – This is dependent on the size of the property
  • Additional visits £60 including VAT

Inventory and Schedule of condition

  • 1 bed – £72 including VAT
  • 2 beds – £96 including VAT
  • 3 Beds – £120 including VAT
  • 4 Bed – £144 including VAT
  • 5 Bed – request a quotation
  • Deposit Registration £30 incl VAT
  • Gas Safety Certificate – £60 including VAT
  • Energy Performance Certificate – £60 including VAT

Additional Property Inspections

Section 21 Notice – HMRC Return for non resident landlords
Arranging works over £2000 – 12% of the total works

All fees stated above include VAT

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