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Crewe homes earned just less than half of their owners

By May 16, 2016 No Comments

Over the last 12 months average house prices in Crewe have increased by 50% of the average employees net earnings and in some areas of the country one in four homes earn more than their owners.  The vast majority of these areas are in London and the south East.  I wonder what will happen when the HS2 comes to Crewe.  Will we see annual increases in property prices more than the average employee living and working in Crewe?

This will be good for some homeowners, however it will make things much tougher for those looking to buy their first home and will eventually exclude our children from being able to purchase their own home.

Investing in Crewe property could be good as an income for you in your later years and also help your children step onto the property ladder when you die.

An average home in Crewe has increased by £9,255 in the last 12 months and the average annual earnings for employees in Crewe is £17,703.

Information from Halifax and mouseprice.