35 Home Selling Mistakes

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Avoid these 35 Home selling mistakes and make better decisions


Here is a list of 35 home selling mistakes. We all like to avoid mistakes so let me share with you the most common one’s sellers are making.

Did you tell your Estate Agent what price you wanted for your home and they quickly agreed?  Why would you employ an estate agent and pay them for their expertise and then totally ignore them? This is called buying a listing, when an agent eagerly agrees to any price you suggest. They agree to list at that price knowing full well that it wont sell and then they will suggest a price reduction as your home hasn’t sold.  You should be able to trust your agent that they will give you the best and most honest advice.  This behaviour only helps one person and that isn’t you.  Chasing the market will result in you receiving a lower selling price.  Price your home correctly and it will sell.

You should be educated about the home selling process.  Nobody likes surprises. Unless it’s a nice surprise and many of us don’t even like those. Knowing what to expect during the entire home selling process is priceless in maintaining your sanity.  Being aware of the home selling process will help you to anticipate any issues as you go along.  We don’t like surprises as they are often unsettling so we try and do everything we can so you can avoid them. If you aren’t sure about the home selling process, then please download the pdf of selling process.

You never prepared your home for selling. These preparations include things such as cleaning, decluttering, repairs and home staging.



Taking shortcuts in making home repairs is not a good idea.  Deciding to sell your home doesn’t mean that now is the time to cut corners. Bodged home repairs will be visible to buyers and their surveyors.  Don’t give buyers the opportunity to request a price reduction.  Once they see something that has been bodged, they think that the whole house is the same.

You agreed a sale then didn’t stick to deadlines. You didn’t realise it was important.  When you need to complete a form or provide a signature then due it in a timely matter.  Deadlines matter especially if there is a chain.  You don’t want to give anyone any reason to pull out just because you dragged your feet.  The person at the bottom of the chain could have been waiting ages and are getting fed up with the delays.

Selling a home can be tough.  Your buyers maybe viewing your home at different times of the day.  Keeping your home viewing ready can be really inconveniencing.  So just bite the bullet and get showing.  The faster you do that the sooner your home will sell and then you can leave your bed unmade if you want before you leave for work.

A homes presentation will always be key.  How well you prepare your home and how well your estate agent photographs and videos your home will have an effect. Once this is done then it is all down to the marketing.  Attracting the most views and getting it in front of passive buyers is a great plan.  One strategy is the For Sale board but there are many others. When you don’t use all your marketing powers you can expect a longer time frame to sell your home along with a lower selling price.  It’s that simple!

Your home needs to stand out.  Buyers search for their perfect home to buy over the internet.  In fact, over 90% of people do.  If your home doesn’t command buyers attention then the chances for a quick sale are very slim.  Grabbing your buyers attention and enticing them through your doors takes lots of planning and expertise. There are lots of ways to do this and your estate agent will explain how they will do that.

Your estate agent didn’t communicate well with you. If listing your property is the valuers goal then once you have signed their terms their job is done.  It is now down to the negotiator so check when you can expect to have feedback regarding your listing.  If the negotiator isn’t returning calls or giving you updates, check your agents’ terms of business and fire them if they’re not communicating with you.

You didn’t communicate your estate agent. How did you want to be communicated with? By phone, text or email? You must promptly get back to your estate agent when they contact you.  As discussed in #9 the same hold true for you.


You wanted to be home for the viewings. Staying around home for viewings doesn’t allow your buyers to really look around and discuss your home with each other. This is a mistake. It’s always good for you to host second viewings when your buyers might want to know more detailed questions but not the original viewing.


Your estate agent didn’t know how to negotiate. Estate agency involves the ability to negotiate as you have buyers wanting to get a deal and you wanting the best price.  Negotiating well means that you both get what you want from the deal.  It’s not about screwing one person. There are many ways to negotiate a sale and it’s not just on the price of the home.

You keep secrets from your estate agent. If you think that by keeping your home’s issues and problems to yourself, they will go undiscovered.  I can promise you that you will suffer greater losses than revealing them at the beginning.  So be honest so a solution can be found.


You hired a ‘yes sir’ estate agent. You should expect direction and expertise from your estate agent.  An agent agreeing with everything you say isn’t showing you any value.  Now is not the time to have a ‘yes sir’ on your side.  You do need someone fighting for you, but it must come with estate agent expertise to guide you.  Otherwise why do you need them?

You didn’t declutter you home. Decluttering a home means to remove the excess, the overflowing and the thing that takes away from the beautiful bones of your home.  This means bare kitchen and bathroom counter tops.  In the kitchen we could see a coffee or tea pot. If you’re a morning toast person, you can keep the toaster out, otherwise hide it away.  In your bathroom remove all toiletries and cleaning bottles.  Keep out only a few decorative items.  Overstuffed cupboards is a definite no too.  Pack and put in storage or use the loft space if you have to, in order to free up space in your home.  No buyer wants to see a home that is stuffed to the rafters, as it clearly screams there isn’t enough storage space.

You didn’t stage your home. Staging isn’t always about employing a professional stager as you can achieve this yourself with help from your estate agent.  The rooms in your home need to portray a clear visible use and focal point.  Make sure that the furniture layout flows nicely and that you appeal to the buyer’s senses.


Your home wasn’t priced right. This is usually the #1 mistake in selling a home.  The price was wrong.  If you price your home right, you will find buyers lining up at the front door to get in to see your home.



You didn’t keep your home clean and tidy. It’s time to bring out the neat freak in you when selling your home.  Keeping you home clean, tidy and smelling divine speaks volumes to buyers as they wander through your home.  It tells them you care for your home and a cared for home brings in top money from buyers.

You didn’t keep you home light and bright. Light and bright makes everything look so much better. Draw your blinds,  clean your windows and remove large ornaments from window ledges to allow the light to pour in.  Put the lights on If it’s a dark day it creates atmosphere and gives it a warm glow. Remember burnt out light bulbs do not provoke welcoming thoughts.

You didn’t depersonalise. Seeing ‘you’ when buyers walk around your home can make it difficult for them to see themselves living in your home.  You would be surprised how many people can’t see beyond how your home is decorated or styled.  Make it easy for them.  Remove your extremely personal touches such as rows of family photos etc.

Your estate agent didn’t take high quality photos of your home. Dark photos, toilet lids up, pets running through the photos, clutter everywhere.  Awful photos wont get buyers into your home.  They will just skip over your home and keep hunting for the well photographed home.  Unless of course they are looking for a bargain. Don’t give buyers a chance to knock you down on price because your home didn’t attract enough viewings.

You can be difficult. When you are selling your home, it cannot be about your way or the highway.  Being agreeable will get you the best result.  Give a little and take a little.  That way we will have happy sellers and happy buyers,


You didn’t allow viewers to view your property if they haven’t sold their own property first. I’ve recently had two viewers who hadn’t agreed a sale and one of them wasn’t even on the market, but both loved the homes so much that they proceeded without selling their own homes first.  One decided to rent out their home and the other had finance in place. So think first before refusing viewings.

You didn’t neutralise those bold bright colours in your home. Some people may love bright and bold colours.  Neutral colours appeal to the most people.  Just visit show homes and see how they stage and decorate a home. Finding buyers who have the exact same bold tastes as you will be limited.  Why would you ever want to limit the number of buyers drawn to your home.  Don’t do it.

You thought the correct selling price for your home was as per Zoopla. Oh, the age-old Zoopla estimate.  If I had a £ for every time someone referenced what Zoopla says about prices, I’d be living alongside the riches of Richard Branson and Lord Sugar. Zoopla will never replace the skilled estate agent who knows how to price homes it involves so much more than Zoopla’s algorithms to get it right.

If you don’t trust your estate agent. You can never have a solid relationship without trust.  Having complete and utter trust and faith in your estate agent is the only way it will work,  if you’re going to have any kind of success in getting your home sold for the best price.


You forgot to clean the dishes in the kitchen before you left for work. You can’t do this.  Selling a home involves a bit more work in keeping you home neat and tidy.  If it involves having to get up 10 minutes earlier each day in order to allow extra time to clean away your breakfast dishes before leaving for work., then you must do that.  The one day you leave dishes in the sink will be the day that 3 buyers want to view your home.  A messy home can signal to a buyer that you don’t care about your home, which results in no offer or a reduced offer as they anticipate possible issues.  I viewed a property once and there was dirty washing on the floor, the kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it.  I felt sorry for the agent showing me around.  It was embarrassing stepping over dirty underpants to view the home. It happens.  Make sure your home isn’t like that.

You don’t have a plan for moving. From the minute you decide it’s time to move and sell your home, you must have a well thought out plan, so you know what to do after each step has been completed.  From the home preparation to the last packed boxed.  You must be moved out of your home by the completion day.


You didn’t have a family discussion with your children about moving home. Your children will be affected by the move so why not get them involved.  Include them when viewing or after your offer has been accepted.  Arrange for them to view the property and show them their bedrooms before moving day.  If they are excited about the move, they will feel less emotional about the move.  Give them tasks to do. Get them to pack up their own room if they are old enough, why not get them to sell old toys on Facebook or eBay and then allow them to use the money raised to decorate or replace old bedroom furniture when they move.

The decision to sell and move home was a fleeting thought. You didn’t plan and consider how it would feel and what it would mean to move home. You must plan and be invested in the move. Don’t put your home for sale to test the market.  It’s not fair on your buyers or the chain beneath them if you pull out because you are undecided.

You didn’t employ an estate agent who loves to sell homes. This is one of the best ways to avoid these 35 home selling mistakes. When you employ an estate agent who loves what they do they will go above and beyond to make sure you sell your home in the quickest time and for the most money whilst making the process for you and your buyers as smooth and as stress free as possible.

Your estate agent does things the same way they have for the last 100 years. Well it 2020 and social media is a massive part of our lives.  Make sure your agent has a good social media presence with a plan to utilise it. To be successful in selling your home your agent must use social media.  Google them and find out.


Your estate agent doesn’t use SEO. This involves skilled internet marketing which isn’t learned in one afternoon. Highly trained staff are the ones that will get your home sold.



You listened to your neighbours and friends about what your home is worth. Would you visit a doctor about divorce advice, or would you seek legal advice?  It’s the same for estate agency.  Employ an honest passionate and caring estate agent to sell your home, give you the best advice and then trust what they are telling you.  Your buyers will ultimately decide what your home is worth.  Our job is to help you create the most saleable house there is that will achieve the best price for you within your timescales.

You didn’t properly vet your chosen estate agent. Choosing the wrong agent can effect #1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 21, 26, 31, 32, 33 these all detail mistakes made when you chose the wrong estate agent to represent you in your home sale.  Get it right next time and use this list, interview agents and ask the right questions to select an honest, trusted and passionate estate agent.


Good luck with selling your home.  If you would like to know more about the services, we provide then please get in touch either by emailing, calling, texting or complete an online valuation to give you an estimate of your home’s value.

We would love to help you.